Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six


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Estás sin duda frente al juego de acción y estrategia más revolucionario del género para tu consola Dreamcast. Nunca antes un juego había ofrecido una combinación tan excitante de estrategia, formación de equipos, gráficos en 3D y acción de fuerzas especiales. Tu objetivo en Rainbow Six es fácil de describir, pero difícil de cumplir: salvar al mundo y a tí mismo de la amenaza terrorista a lo largo de 16 misiones únicas más las misiones Eagle Watch. Si fallas en el intento, el juego no acabará, pero el mundo sí lo hará. ¡Atrévete con él!


Based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, Rainbow Six is an intriguing and absorbing game that proves strategy can work on a console--if you're prepared to be very, very patient.

Originally released on the PC, Rainbow Six charts the progress of a crack, top-secret anti-terrorist squad whose work takes them into a variety of tricky and demanding rescue situations.

Far from being an all-action first-person-shooter, R6 is a game split into two parts. The first requires a major amount of strategic thinking as the player receives detailed intelligence on the mission at hand, selects squad members, then plans out attack strategies on 3D maps, giving the teams instructions on where to go and what to do.

Part two gets more involving, giving the player the option of standing back from the action or rolling up the sleeves of a virtual combat jacket and getting involved at ground level with the execution of the plan set up in the first stage.

This part of the game is great fun and it's fascinating to see how the enemy AI reacts as your mission plan goes down. Viewed in the first-person, the player can order his own squad and a satellite squad around the target, changing plans on the fly or taking the bad guys down by the numbers, with the added attraction of an MP5 over the shoulder.

For a console title, the execution of Rainbow Six is wonderful. It manages to successfully capture the mood of the piece and retain the control of the PC version to great effect. It has to be said that the learning curve is incredibly steep--and this may well put some people off, but perseverance is the name of the game here and those who stick with it will be rewarded time and time again with a playing experience that surpasses anything yet seen on the Dreamcast.



Una esplosiva combinazione di azione e strategia in quello che e' stato definito il miglior gioco dell'anno!! 16 incredibili missioni in cui l'obiettivo primario e' quello di salvare il mondo dalla minaccia dei terroristi. Dovrete costruire il vostro team selezionando 20 specialisti, scegliendo armi ed equipaggiamenti originali e pianificando il vostro piano d'attacco con l'ausilio di dettagliatissime mappe tridimensionali.

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