The House of the Dead 2


Categoría(s): Disparos en 1ª Persona

El caos reina en el mundo….Una nueva historia ocurre en una ciudad que parece de la Edad Media y que ha sido invadida por unos monstruos y muertos vivientes contra los que hay que luchar. Aniquilarlos es el objetivo principal….


The House of The Dead 2 is a conversion of Sega's popular light gun arcade game. In this game you play the role of a detective out to stop a madman who has unleashed zombies and other horrid creatures on an Italian city. You have to kill the monsters, save people and find out the plans behind this mayhem. The game uses a auto game camera which pans around in a preset manner as you venture through the city killing the creatures and rescuing people. Extra modes like training and time trial are included for replayability.

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