Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact



Godzilla Generations Maximum Impact isn't really that much better than the first Godzilla Generations game for Dreamcast. At least this time round the game has had a graphical face lift but still, it doesn't look that great.

In the first game we had to maneuver Godzilla around the cities of Japan destroying things. There really wasn't any sense of accomplishment to the game or any point to it. Well in Maximum Impact you are no longer free to roam the city. Now you're playing on rails. All you actually do is move a cursor across the screen pointing it at what ever you want to destroy. Not much fun really. There are boss battles now but even they are played in the same fashion as the main game. Just point the cursor and fire.

I have to ask myself why Sega decided to make the game on rails when the first game was free roaming. Anyway, this may interest Godzilla fans and it is better than the first game but only just. I couldn't really recommend this to anyone except for the true Godzilla fan. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the game is all in English. So there's no worries about the language barrier.