Heroes of Might & Magic III


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Heroes of Might and Magic III is a continuation of the award-winning Heroes of Might and Magic series. This turn-based, strategy war game is set in the fantasy world of the Might and Magic role-playing games. Heroes III

Features a rich magic system, intense character development, a bestiary of fantastic foes and allies, quests, a world to explore, and gripping story lines. In Heroes III, you control the actions of Heroes to complete mission objectives in a variety of conflicts taking place in the mythical land of Erathia. As Heroes travel across the land with their armies, they can explore, seek artifacts and find treasure, as well as lead their armies into battle. Towns can also have armies garrisoned for their defense and act as centers for recruitment and the learning of magic spells, and trading. Towns you conquer become part of your territory. You can develop your towns to provide yourself with offensive, defensive, and logistical advantages.Missions can be self-contained single scenarios, linked together into multi-scenario campaigns, or played as multi-player scenarios against other human players across a network. While a vast array of pre-designed scenarios come with the game, you can also create your own using the provided Map Editor tool. However you choose to play, you will be surely pleased with Heroes III.


Endlich ist es soweit: der mit sieben Awards ausgezeichnete dritte Teil des Strategieknallers Heroes of Might & Magic wird von Ubi Soft und WESTKA für Dreamcast umgesetzt. Mit nochmals verbesserter Grafik, optimierten Multiplayer-Support und einem Szenario-Editor wusste bereits die PC Version zu überzeugen. Mit noch mehr Helden, Städten, Kreaturen und Zaubersprüchen kämpften unzählige Spieler in einer noch größeren Abenteuer-Welt um die Vorherrschaft im Fantasyland Erathia. Heroes of Might & Magic 3 stürmte sofort nach Erscheinen der deutschen Version auf Platz 1 der Verkaufscharts und hielt sich mehr als fünf Monate unter den Top 20.